Nine(9) things to look out for in courtship

In today’s world, there are a lot of marriages which has been brought to a halt, some are about coming to end, while others are struggling to keep it up. Day in day out, divorce documents are being filed in various registry. Just some few months ago, a news was reported where over 4,000 cases of divorce was being filed in a single day at Abuja, Nigeria. There are many reasons attached to these but most largely depends on the wrong choice of partner. Here are some of the tips/guidelines to look out for before embarking to the altar call.

1. Humility: This Is considered one of the most important factor when choosing a spouse. Humility is the state of not being proud, egoless, etc. Your to-be spouse should be able to render himself/herself low as a sign of respect. Irrespective of the status, rich or poor, wealthy or hustling, humility should come first in all. This will show a good sign of respect present in your spouse before walking down the Aisle with him or her.

2. Love: There must be a reciprocal love between you and your spouse. The love must be unconditional and shouldn’t be one sided. Though there are spouses who tend to deceive their partners even till marriage, a partner who loves you unconditionally wouldn’t do that. 

3. Sacrifices: Love comes with great sacrifices. Sacrifices shows how deep the love your spouse has for you. Sometimes, you may have to test him/her to check. It’s not always the best but it’s needed. Watch out for the sacrifices he/she makes for you whether rich, wealthy or poor.

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4. Tolerance: This is by far one of the most important things you watch out for before marriage. What can your spouse tolerate, how much can he/she tolerate problems, challenges, ugly situations, hard times. Marriage won’t always be sweet as it’s not a bed of roses, so, you should watch out for your spouse tolerance range among other things.

5. Trust: This is defined as having confidence or reliance in your spouse. When you are far apart and your spouse tells you he/she is in a party or get together, do you trust him/her enough not to engage in ugly scenes. Your spouse should be someone who trusts you wholeheartedly, have confidence in your and your ability, then reliance on your person. So, watch out for this

6. Jealousy: Jealousy is normal in relationship but should be kept at the optimal level/minimal level. If your spouse is the very jealous type, try talking it out with him/her. If after discussing and it does still persist, do well to end the relationship/courtship.

7. Godly Behavior: What is his/her attitude? Are you able to cope with him/her? Is it the behavior you will want to move with forever?. Good and godly behavior should be watched out for in your spouse before during courtship.

8. Godly,not religious: Is he/she of the same or different religion with you?. A good spouse will always keep to his/her faith and respect authorities. He/she should not take religion like a tug of war but rather be sensible enough to determine what to do in situations.

9. Good source of income: There must be a source of income for your spouse before marriage. Don’t get into marriage with the hope of things becoming better. While it may work for some people, it doesn’t work for all. So, your spouse must have a source of income and a place to stay before marriage.

A broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. Marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured. A good marriage begins from a strong courtship. Therefore, watch out for these steps before you walk down the aisle with your spouse.

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