Obesity:A Disease or A Eating disorder?

Obesity is the accumulation of body fats ;it is the weight above standard BMI(Body Mass index), it is a complicated disease which increases your risk to heart diseases, diabetes,High Blood pressure and cancers.

This is when BMI is 30 or higher, you calculate BMI by dividing your weight in Kg by your height in m² according to CDC (Centres for Disease Control and prevention).

What causes obesity?

Body stores excess calories as fat which build around the neck, waist and hips most time.however genetics, metabolism and hormonal influence can play a role too.

What can predispose you to an obese life?

The following are risk factors to obesity:

1. Family inheritance

2. Lifestyle choices e.g. taking alcohols

3. Certain diseases and medication e.g. arthritis and taking antidepressants

4. Social and economic issues ;moving with obese friends, inability to cook healthy foods

5. Age;you can be obese at any age

6. Pregnancy

7. Lack of sleep

8. Stress


As mentioned earlier, an obese lifestyle is associated with complications, some of them are:

  • Heart diseases & Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Certain cancers e.g. cancers of the uterus, cervix,ovary, colon,liver, pancreas , prostate etc.
  • Infertility, irregular periods and erectile dysfunction in men
  • Sleep apnea;difficult breathing during sleep

  • Osteoarthritis;inflammation of joints
  • Prader-willi syndrome

  • Cushing syndrome

You can prevent obesity if you exercise regularly, follow a healthy eating plan, know and avoid excessive eating and finally check your weight regularly especially if you are vulnerable.

How to diagnose obesity

The doctor may request the following tests and diagnosis methods;The most Common is Body Mass Index measurement (BMI), others include

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1. Skinfold thickness test

2.waist-hip comparison

3. Ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI

To treat excessive weight gain, you may need to visit a dietician to know the right food fits for you, weight-loss medication may be administered as well as weight-loss surgery if it’s getting out of hands


Forgiveness and your mental health

In essence, obesity is not something nice for your body, as the saying goes that “prevention is Better than cure” you can give up junks, quit drinking and keep your shape in place,this is because aside an obese susceptible to varieties of diseases, it also leads to shaming and negative


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