Relationship and your health:How single life can affect your health


What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘single’?, Many interpret single life as a lonely and boring stage of life.however the truth is that been single is a phase of life dependent on the individual and will in turn affect your health positively and negatively depending on how you want your life to be as Bella Depaulo Ph.D. rightly said “Every relationship is different and every individual is different”.

On the brighter side, let’s examine some effect of been single on your health positively

1. You are less likely to gain weight

It’s common that happily married couple tend to gain weight within the first 4 years of marriage,lol that’s when people say marriage looks good on them,however if care is not taken obesity set in and pose to the couple  risk of different illnesses. The good news is that single will look more into their health and would love to be in shape for no particular reason.

2. Exercise regularly

Yea single men and women tends to keep fit from time to time compared to married ones according to a study.

3.having close friends and more social

Singles have nothing to worry about as they make new friends, get along with colleagues without feeling attend functions and ceremonies without thinking you have to keep someone abreast of your movement, seriously that peace of mind associated with that is muah.

4.Less stress from chores

You are free from the hurdles those in relationship pass through and save your energy for yourself.

5. Growing mentally: you’d be able to decide for yourself when it comes to taking decisions, have chance to meditate as you have some free time by your don’t have to be mentally coaxed by a partner in a way you might not like.

6. Having self-reliance:Ability to rely on yourself during distress and challenges is golden, it brings with it confidence and inner-happiness.

However, as sweet as single life seems to be, there are some dismerit it is associated with and some of them include:

  • Stigmatization:When you want to rent a house, you’d be asked do you have a partner?, if you want to sign a paper, you have to confirm your marital status first and so many other occasions, this is demeaning as single people are often viewed as lonely guys and irresponsible ones at that.however you’d find peace if you follow Depaulo’s advice “Living your single life fully,joyfully & Unapologetically is a good way to maintain good health”
  • There is risk of heart problems:This is realistic as according to a study, there is increase of heart diseases by 7% amongst singles when compared with the statistics of the married. This is because most singles are more Likely to drink, smoke , live unhealthy and reckless life.

In conclusion, single or in a relationship? That’s just a status…what matters is who you are, you need to stay happy and live healthy regardless, singles shouldn’t ruin their future by indulging in immoral and unhealthy acts as this is what brings about the confusing stereotype. Don’t make jest of anyone either married or single remember we all have our struggles,Be happy for others as well if their relationship/marriage is going well,show empathy if its otherwise and most importantly if you are to value anything, pls choose your physical and mental well-being over miscellaneous stuffs. Eat and live in a healthy environment because you deserve it!

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