Scabies is an itchy bumps made by female mites that feed on humans, it can be transmitted by direct contact with an infected person such as hugging and sexual affairs.

The mite that causes scabies has 8 legs unlike other insects with 6 legs. The holes made by the insect is known as burrows and contain about 8-10 live mites.

Symptoms of scabies
1. Itchy rashes
2. Reddish burrows
3. Scab formation after scratching.
Rashes from scabies get worst at night

Treatment of scabies
Infected skin can be treated with mite-killer creams such as premerthin which is rubbed starting from the neck downward, other treatment include oral medications which involve taking anti-parasitic drugs and anti-histamins.

Since scabies is contagious, it is prevented by avoiding contact with infected individuals. Also washing of bed linens and pillow cases will go a long way in preventing the occurrence of the skin disease.