See the five reasons why the covid-19 is an eye opener to Nigeria

The great pandemic crisis of the covid-19 has been with Nigeria since March and we have been recording scores of deaths and the numbers of the confirmed cases has been on the increase daily. To be factual, lot of things have been happening alot for the past three month of it’s arrival which includes the failure in the economical sector due to the isolation of the people which prevent them from working to contribute to the growth of the Nation’s economy. We also have the reduction of spiritual activities such as the Sunday services and Friday jumat thereby making people pray in their own homes.
  However, if we need to play our integrity card, the covid-19 pandemic also brought about lot of eye opener to the country and this brings me to explaining about five reasons why the pandemic could also be seen as blessing

1.Economical sector: I guess this is so glaring to all those that can obeserve their environment. The pandemic has made the Nigerian government realise how reliant and dependent the country has been on importation and the oil sector. Importation has been put to an hold due to the fact that the countries has shutdown their borders to prevent any foreigners from coming in to serve as a preventive measure against covid-19. This prevent the transportation of goods from one country to another thereby putting a stop to importation. The effect could be seen as people are dying from starvation and malnutrition. The oil sector wasn’t spared the rod as there was fall in the value of oil globally and this in turn resulted to big loss to Nigeria since it is the Nation’s source of revenue. We now realise that there is a need to diversify the Nation’s economy to other sectors like Agriculture and even the educational sector.

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2 Educational sector:  Now, this is the area really is a huge disappointment as regards Nigeria with covid-19. The educational sector hasn’t been getting much of the government attention as the fundings for education is always low which is a huge blow. The educational sector is the heartbeat of any nation as regards development and a better future. Colleges around the world are trying to profer a solution to the pandemic through their microbiology students but what does Nigeria’s colleges have to offer? Nothing as the students are being denied the necessary facility for a more practical learning. What is the use of youths that can’t profer a solution to the Nation’s predicament?

3. Health sector: The health sector in Nigeria hasn’t being giving much consideration not until now during this pandemic. The Nigeria’s hospitals has always been ill equipped in treating patients. The pandemic has made the government to start renovating old hospitals and equipping it with the latest equipment used in preventing any viral emergencies like the Corona virus. Other countries has been supplying Nigeria with the necessary aid in combating the virus. Now, Post-covid, I can assure you that the hospitals will have a better outlook than it was before.

4. New strategies for emergencies:  In life, learning is continuous and it comes in different form which may be in form of of a disguise. During this pandemic, security agencies and hospitals  now needs to know how to respond faster to an emergency case and what to do if something should happen. When an epidemic is discovered in a region, the first line of action is to know whether it is viral and after that, the means it spreads. To curtail this, the border is the first thing that needs to be put on high alert but unfortunately, Nigeria had to learn this the hard way.

5. Importance of record keeping: This problem wasn’t revealing not until the coming of the pandemic. Nigeria, unfortunately do not have an  estimated figures of the old, young and even the infant living in a particular region of the country. Not knowing this has led us to poor planning of sharing palliative and also curbing the spread of the virus. Importance of record keeping will now be put in place come Post-covid for a better way of supporting the masses.

This are the things that need to be worked upon after the covid era if we want a better country and a more formidable future because whatever comes next after Covid-19, Africa isn’t ready.

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