Abortion legality is a crucial topic in the hearts of many individuals nowadays, especially those in developed countries, where citizens make every possible attempt to exercise their rights.

Legal Abortion is simply the right to go through abortion legally by authorized health experts.

What complete health means
While it is true that WHO defined health “as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
It is imperative to check it when some of the actions we take pose threats to this completeness, one of these actions being abortion, especially the one down illegally.

How does abortion affect complete health?
Abortion done illegally poses severe health risks to the individual involved. This is so because in most cases it is done by an unauthorized person. Thus altering the state of the complete health of the individual.

Adverse effect of this illegal abortion results to Cervical or uterine injury, extreme bleeding, incomplete abortion that necessitates a second surgical abortion procedure, uterine or fallopian tube infection, sepsis or septic shock, which results in uterine lining scarring, fatal uterine perforation, and others.

Why Abortion should be legalized
The truth remains that regardless of the law against abortion in most countries, individuals will continue to perform the termination process of these unwanted or risky pregnancies illegally.
And the implication of this is as mentioned above and even leads to death in worse cases.

The need to legalize abortion is more essential than ever, especially because of those with health issues who may become pregnant accidentally.
Developing countries of the world are majorly affected by this menace constantly leading to about 13% death in women yearly.

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When abortion is legalized, women wouldn’t have to go through quack process of terminating these pregnancies, they would be able to go unashamedly to medical practitioners who would undergo the process for them accurately.