Sickle cell Anaemia is a disorder whereby the red blood become crescent or sickle-shaped as opposed the spherical shape, the shape assumed by the RBCs causes low supply of oxygen which in turn result in pain (crises).

The anaemia could be prevented if potential partners ensure there is genotype compatibility, Always remember the rule AA + Others , In essence two AS couples are not expected to marry one another.

Symptoms of sickle cell Anaemia
Some of them include:
1. Anaemia
2. Excruciating Pain
3. Swollen feet and hand
4. Presence of Infection e.g pneumonia
5. Poor vision

Treatment of Sickle cell Anaemia

Stem cell transplant is a sure way to cure sickle cell Anaemia, this is a procedure whereby the diseased Stem is replaced by healthy ones.

Other ways to manage the Anaemia include taking medications such as antibiotics to treat infections as well as blood transfusion .

This article is written to create awareness about sickle cell Anaemia on World sickle cell day celebrated every 19th of June.