Loneliness doesn’t necessarily imply being alone because you can be alone, yet not lonely. And you can feel lonely in a houseful of people.

It’s a feeling that you’re cut off from people, with no one to confide in. It can happen to children, older adults, and everyone in between as it is a lack of meaningful relationship.

Presently, we have more access to each other than ever before, thanks to the introduction of internet. You might feel more connected to the world when you get attached to “friends” on social media, but it doesn’t always suppress the ache of loneliness.

Almost everybody feels lonely sometimes, and yes, it’s not necessarily detrimental. It’s sometimes a temporary state of affairs due to circumstance, like movement to a new town, divorce, or lose a loved one. Getting involved in social activities and meeting people can usually help you move forward.

Solution to Lonliness

If you are experiencing loneliness, or you in of someone experiencing it, the solutions can be very simple.

Such a person should try out any of these steps;

1. Reach out to family and friends :

Even if it’s just with a phone call or a video call, that’ll do, too.  A quick text, call or seeing someone’s face on a screen can be of great help to improving your well-being.

Make contacting people a regular part of your day. It’s like taking medicine or exercising.

2.stroll out of your home when you are bored

3. If a club interest you, join one; probably a book club, jazz club, collector club, or a spiritual community be it a church, or mosque. Or you might become a volunteer at an organization you support. Dr Miller said, and I quote; “When you’re alone, you focus too much on yourself and dwell on regrets or worries. When you’re with other people, turn your focus outward. When you’re thinking less about yourself, you’re definitely worrying less about yourself,”

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4. If you are physically and mentally able to care for it, you can get yourself a pet;

they make wonderful companions, and they provide many emotional and physical benefits.

5. Try and have simple conversations with people. This will stimulate your brain and make you feel better. You can sign up for visit volunteers for centers offering visitors program. You definitely will strike up conversation as you mingle with the people.

But this seems difficult at times, and the longer you are isolated, the harder it can be to making a change. Probably you don’t know what to do, or maybe you’ve tried without success.

This can lead to a problem, because persistent loneliness can have a negative impact on your emotional and physical health. Loneliness has in fact been associated with depression, suicide, and physical illness.

Thanks for reading…