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There are different proofs to the earth as a circle, in which one of it is called“The horizon”. The horizon is an imaginary line which tends to show the point where the earth and the sky meets. After each horizon, we discover a more vast land and an another layer of horizon. The horizon may be small or large depending on a man’s point of view.

The journey of Life is as moving through the earth where we meet different view of the horizon, and the horizon represents the various challenged we all pass through in life. There is no man on earth without his own problem, big or small. As we move through the journey of life, there are certain and uncertain problems we face. Sometimes, they look big and another time, small. These times are our timelines on the horizon.

It seems life ends at the horizon. Everything might not seem right when you look at your horizon. Sometimes, these problems seems so high such that we become even scared of attempting to solve. Sometimes, the problem lingers on and we may want to give up on life.

These are testing times which will pass away once we take deliberate steps towards the problems. There isn’t any permanent situation in life, man makes himself one. Man’s ability to go tough, stronger and wilful will help him to overcome the challenges. Every problem(horizon) in life gives us the ability to see life from a different view thereafter. It gives us the ability to be stronger and resilient. It gives us the ability to train others who may pass through similar problems in life.


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Life is a delusion , the reason the horizon looks like the end. Therefore, life must be lived consciously, deliberately, and intentionally. Don’t be lost At the horizon, rather become conscious of the vast treasures of land ahead. Life won’t always give you the best of options, you’re to make the best out of all options.

One may feel downtrodden, helpless, tired, weary, weak at this point, though normal, but expedient of you solving your problems. It is a Man’s mind view of the horizon(problems) that will determine his reaction towards it. Your problem is small when you view it as small, big when you view it as big.

As you move through the journey of life, be conscious and deliberate of how you live and what you do at each horizon. Great treasures lies ahead of you. Though you may get tired of being strong, but never get tired of viewing greatness. Move closer to God and tell it all to Him.

You can overcome this problem. You are too strong to relent. The power in you is enormous compared to your problems. Make use of it!
This one too shall pass just like others.

Updated : 27th June,2020

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