To have a better physique, you should engage in this everyday!

We’ve being at home since the outbreak of the dreaded covid-19 pandemic making us more or less free from the desk works making us have a reduction in our daily movement. This really tell on the body as the body begins to slumber thereby causing havoc to our overall physique. What if there is a daily exercise you could engage in to reduce this friction? This is where ‘Planking’ comes in.

 Planking is an ancient form of exercise which has now been used during this modern time by  yoga masters and fitness geek due to it’s benefits. Planking as the word implies is a static position of aligning the body parts into a perfect straight form just like a log of wood.  Imagine a log of wood with a stone placed on a particular side making it slightly lifted. That’s just the plank form.

Planking has lot of health benefits such as body fitness. It makes you feel energised when carried out. Planking has the ability to serve as a calming therapy to stressful day in which it thereby increase your focus to fulfill the say job. Planking also helps you in giving you a good posture. Your spine tends to get strengthen and straight making you get a nice sexy/handsome posture. Planking is also an easy task you could always fix in to your day to day activities. Now, how exactly does this planking is being carried out? Well, sit tight as we dive right into it!

1. Get yourself a mat-  The reason for getting a mat is for you to be comfortable and to have a firm grip to the floor and not to slip thereby causing injury to your arm. You can still do away with the mat though (b.s I don’t use the mat) if it is too costly for you to a get a yoga mat but you just have to be extra careful

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2. Go into a dog like position: This means you should place your knee and palm to the ground which is also being on all four.

3. Push your body up: when you get comfortable,push your body up to make your spine, shoulder and neck to be perfectly aligned together.

4. Hold it for at least 3- mins: you should hold this position while making sure your body is all straight for good 3 minutes. You could start with a minute and then improve on it till you get comfortable, at least that’s how I started mine. Your body tends to get used to it and you could target an even higher amount of time ( you could even target to beat the world record lol)

5. And you are done. You just have to jump right into the shower to take a warm bath

There are pictures below depicting how this could be perfectly achieved. Follow it well, cheers to an healthy life!

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