Understanding insomnia as a sleep disorder
Overview of Insomnia

Insomnia can be defined as a sleeping disorder in which you find it difficult staying asleep at night ,it is also associated with waking up early or having trouble falling asleep when you wake up at night.

Do you notice that when you are really depressed or you have something troubling your mind,you’d be up all night?That’s one of the causes of insomnia and this can have drastic effects on your mental health

Types of insomnia

There are three types of insomnia and they include:

1.Transient insomnia : This is a short time insomnia that doesn’t last longer than 3 nights,it may be caused by depression,pain etc.It is easy to recover from this after certain relaxation technique

2.Acute insomnia: This is the type of insomnia that last more than 3 weeks,This is when the sleeping disorder is getting serious and calls for attention

3.Chronic isomnia: is the type of insomnia that last more than 3 months,most common example of chronic insomnia are due to Underlying diseases such as Borderline personality Disorder (PBD),asthma,GERD etc.

Causes of insomnia

2.Underlying diseases and syndrome
3.Unhealthy lifestyle
4 .Smoking and drinking
6.working late  
7.Lack of exercise

Symptoms of insomnia

Prominent symptom is lack of concentration,others include:
2.inability to think straight
3.difficulty sleeping after waking up at night
4.poor reasoning skill
5.reddening and swollen eye
6.haggard appearance

Risk factors that contributes to insomnia

1.Underlying diseases e.g Diabetes Mellitus
2.elderly person
4.Taking certain drugs
5.poor eating habit

Treatment of insomnia

Treatment  depends on how severe the disorder is,you can try the following approach:

  • Behavioral Therapy : To monitor your lifestyle and sleeping pattern
  • Treating underlying diseases
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  • Taking sleeping pills: This is the last approach if the insomnia is taking too long but be sure to consult your doctor before taking any drugs
  • Melatonin injection : This is the hormone that control sleep,you might be injected with one to induce sleep if you have chronic insomnia

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”,we can avoid having this sleep disorder by :

I.maintaining good mental health
II.Treating Underlying diseases that can make you prone to insomnia
III.Quit drugs and Smoking
IV.Don’t press your phone till late in the night
V.practice healthy lifestyle
VI.Don’t use your bed for other purpose other than for sleeping
VII.make your bedroom comfortable and neat
VIII.involve in exercises

the biological clock get used to your pattern of sleeping so if you are the type that sleep late everyday your body adapt to that time and it haa effects such as lack of concentration,reddening eye,tiredness even when it is just early in the morning.

  insomnia is incurable thou treatment will help but you need see a doctor to know the right treatment pattern for you.
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