What causes grey hair

Follicle are small sacs that line skin cells, it generates hair and colour pigment;Melanin which gives the hair its colour however when the cells start to die, the hair turns grey, silver and eventually white.

Myth:Grey hair is due to stress and unruly teen

Fact:This is not true as grey hair most time is due to genetics, if your parents have grey hairs earlier, it’s likely you have them as well.

The rate at which different races develop grey hair varies as the following:

  • White;mid-30s
  • Asian;late 30s
  • African American ;mid-40s

However premature grey hair occur in white at 20,Asian at 25 while African Americas may experience premature grey hair at 30.

The following health issues and deficiencies can cause grey hair

1. Lack of vitamin B12,B-6,D or E

2.inherited tumour conditions

3. Thyroid disease

4. Vitiligo

5. Alopecia areata

6. Autoimmune diseases.

According to a 2016 study from international journal of trichology, low level of serum ferritin and good cholesterol were common in participants with premature hair greying.

Also smoking and use of chemical hair dyes like hydrogen peroxide is harmful to the hair.

Ways to prevent grey hair are:

  • Eating more antioxidants e.g. fresh fruits, green tea, olive oil, fish etc.
  • Quit smoking
  • Treat nutrient deficiencies
  • Treat thyroid issues

Natural remedy for grey hair

1.curry leaves: boil and drink, used to wash your hair as well

2.black tea;boiling, cooling and mixing tea with conditioner

3. Taking foods rich in copper such as plantain etc.


What you need to know as a youth

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You shouldn’t be worried if you notice 1-2 strands of grey hair as most times it is genetics, however if you are suffering from health issues and deficiencies, it is advisable you treat underlying diseases as your body needs to be properly taken care of.

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