What is Fashion in every day life to you?

Nowadays,fashion as become the number one list on every teenagers scale of preference both male and female.According to Wikipedia fashion is defined as “a popular aesthetic expression at a particular time and in a specific context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body proportions”. Fashion is more than putting on clothes,it’s more of putting on more accessories to enhance beauty and outlook.
As every year approaches fashion designers also tends to bring something new to the fashion line because people always want to look different each passing seasons. Looking at various fashion trendings.

1. Jeans
 Jeans was invented in  1863 by Jacobs Davies and Levi strauss.This is pants (popularly known has trousers) made from denim.As years passes the jeans keeps involving into various styles to suit teenagers obsessions on it.For example during the 90’s,jeans were worn plain but as time keeps evolving new styles were brought in and these are ripped trousers,crazy jeans and jean jackets

These styles keeps evolving and its never exhausted.

2. African wax prints(popularly known as ankara).
This one of the major fabrics that most fashionistas keeps improving upon.Before this particular fabric was old-fashioned but now its the center of all fashion world. And its one of the trending fashion in the world.

Famous popular musician beyonce slays in the african way with ankara.

3.Chiffons   Chiffon  is a popular fabric which is worn during summer period(hot weather).And this fabric is worn in various ways and for diverse occasions both work and outings.As fashion trends changes daily this particular fabric also changes with time in other to suit the style of the wearers. Chiffons comes in various styles including shirts,gowns and skirts.

It’s so wonderful to see what fashionistas can achieve with the use of lace.Lace can be widely used in various areas of fashion in other to make the wearer comfortable and decent.Laces are mostly hand woven or made  with special machine that’s why laces must be well taken care of.

  All clothings are unique in there own way and that is why we must be able to take care of it properly.Especially keeping our wears away from beatles and cockroaches to avoid unnecessary holes in the clothes.Your clothes can be free from insects by proper washing and ironing of the cloth before wearing.

Fashion most times brings out the beauty of every individual.As a saying goes thus; the way you dress is the same way you will be address.As you are going along the trends of evolving fashion, don’t forget to do the necessary and that is dressing ressponsible.

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