Who is the World’s Best Football (Soccer) Club Manager?


The responsibility of a manager as the head coach of a professional football team is to win games for club profitability. Other functions are pre/post match media briefing, scouting young talent buying /loans in transfer market. More include strategic planning of games, player’s motivation and team selection. Some managers have excelled in their duties winning many laurels for the club. Here are my 5 best football club managers in the world.

1 Carlo Ancelotti


Carlo Ancelotti was born June 10, 1959 at Reggiolo Italy. A former player of AS Roma he retired from active playing at Milan. He was appointed on December 22, 2019 as manager of Everton contracted until 30,06,2024. His preferred formation is 4-4-2. Managerial career includes Italy national team as assistant manager, manager Reggiana 95, AC Parma 96 and Juventus 99. Others are Milan 2001, Chelsea 09, Paris SG 2012, Real Madrid 2013, Bayern Munich 2016, SS Napoli 2018, and Everton 2019-

2. José Mourinho

José Mourinho is the current manager of Tottenham hotspurs appointed November 20, 2019. His current contract is until 30,06,2023 and preferred formation is 4-2-3-1. Born 57 years ago on January 26, 1963 at Setibal Portugal. The former player of COM. Industria has worked as manager for numerous clubs

José Mourinho Career as Manager
He appointed as assistant manager for Barcelona 1996 then manager of Benfica December 2000. Other managerial positions include manager Leiria 2001-2002, FC Porto 2002-2004, Chelsea 2004-2007, Inter 2008-2010, Real Madrid 2010-2013, Chelsea 2013-2015 and Spurs 2019 expected until 2023.

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3 Pep Guardiola

Appointed July 1 2016 until 30,06,2021 Pep Guardiola has performed credibly for Manchester City. They won the premier league by a hairs breadth to Liverpool. Born January 18, 1971 in Santpedor Spain his preferred formation is 4-3-3. Pep was a former player for FC Barcelona and last club was Dorado de Sin.

Managerial Career
Managerial career is traced to FC Barcelona B 2007 – 2008, FC Barcelona 2008 – 2012, Bayern Munich 2013 -2016, Manchester city 2016 until 30, 06, and 2021(expected).

4 Sir Alex
I am a big fan of Sir Alex Ferguson’s style of coaching. Aged 78 he was born in Govan, Glasgow and is a citizen of Scotland. The highly enigmatic manager has a UEFA Pro coaching license. The former manager of Manchester united was appointed match analyst for man United on January, 14, 2014.

Career as manager starts with East Stirling 1974-1975, St Mirren 75-78 and Aberdeen FC 1978-1986. Other appointments as manager include Scotland 85-86, Manchester united 86,-2013. He became a board member of Manchester United 2013 before becoming a match analyst 2014.

5. Franklin Edmundo Rijkaard

Franklin Rijkaard was born September 30, 1962 in Amsterdam. He has joint citizenship of Netherlands and Suriname. A former player of Ajax he retired in July 1 1995. Although retired as a football manager his last position was manager of Saudi Arabia national team. Other managerial positions are assistant manager Netherlands 1998-2000, manager Sparta R 2001-2002. He was manager of FC Barcelona 2003-2008, Galatasaray 2009-2010, Saudi Arabia 2011-2013.

Franklin Edmundo Rijkaard Transfers as a Player
Ajax – Sporting CP €2.27m, Sporting CP-Real Zaragoza Loan fee:
€114k. Real Zaragoza to Sporting CP. Others are Sporting CP TO Milan€3.00m, Milan to Ajax €636k were he retired.

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Who do you think is the World’s best football club manager?

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