Our bodies contain similar nutrients to the food we eat. Therefore, depending on what kind of food we are consuming and the contents of that food, we are affecting our nutrient levels and over all, our health. This is one of the major reasons  why  you should  be watchful  of what you eat. 


It is very  important for you to eat good food so as to stay fit and healthy. 


Let food be thy medicine. Once food becomes your medcine, your kitchen becomes your hospital and your refrigerator becomes your medicine cabinet.

It is very important  to note that there is no universal  balanced diet for all individuals. A growing child requires more growth promoting materials. A peasant farmer needs more energy-yielding carbohydrates than a sedentary office worker.

This means in a house the father, mother and the children have different requirements. But then, it has not convenient to prepare different meals for different family members.  Luckily, we often can prepare same meal for all, except those that require special medical and nutritional attention. 



Nutrition is not static. Our Nutrition should differ from our forefathers because our lifestyle is different from theirs. They were mostly farmers, burning energy in trekking, having more diversity of food than us and thereby having less nutrient deficiency than us. 

If is very important for us to adjust our diet to meet our own circumstances. Nutrition is not just about eating, it is learning how to live. It is a lifestyle.

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